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What would your body say if it could talk?


What Is Bioenergy Balancing?

It is a comprehensive system of understanding the biochemistry and physiology as well as the energy systems of the body.  In asking questions of the body, we get an understanding of what might be out of harmony in the body.  When stress (emotional, physical or environmental) affects us, our bodies can make biochemical changes that can lead to disease if not corrected.

The human body is miraculously complex. It’s hard to comprehend how so many processes go off without a hitch every second of every minute of every day.  Over time some of those processes can become less optimal.  Many things can affect the body’s functioning. In Bioenergy Balancing we are detectives on a mission to understand how we can help the body come back into balance and optimal functioning. We tap into the body’s innate wisdom and ask it to share its experiences, help us understand and unravel the layers of connections or disconnections the body has made to get to the root cause the discomfort.  It may be holding an excessive emotional experience in childhood that needs to be released.  It may be an unresolved food allergy that can be released or a nutritional need that is not being met. Issues can come up around environmental toxins, hormone imbalances and digestive issues. 


About Me

Susan Usman is a scientist by training and a healer by calling. Susan is a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner and holds a degree in Biochemistry. She worked in the biotech field for 13 years. After a second career raising two children and an extensive career in volunteer leadership in education, she knew it was time to explore her true calling.

Although Susan recognizes the incredible achievements yielded by medical research, she believes that there are gaps and limits to what modern American medicine can achieve. Where do we turn when current medical practices do not work for us or in some cases, even contribute to our feeling of “dis-ease?” What are the alternatives and how do they work?

Susan has done the real work of healing, answering these questions for herself first and now for her clients. Susan experienced a transformative awakening during training, successfully peeling back layers of dysfunction and imbalance, that enables her to empathize with her clients’ needs.

She is caring, curious and brings a heart centered openness to her clients. She loves solving the puzzles that client’s body wisdom brings to a session.  Susan facilitates her clients own healing, following the lead of the body’s biofield releasing issues which are often stored in the body as imbalanced energy. Creating a safe space for energetic and emotional releases to occur for her client’s highest good brings Susan the utmost joy.

Susan received her accreditation through a two-year intensive program and has worked closely with founder Priscilla Kapel.  Susan has also completed courses in several other healing modalities including Biofield Tuning (tuning forks), Rosa Mystica Mystery School (essential oils), Alchemical Healing and massage therapy, which she draws upon to augment her practice. Combining her knowledge of biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, and nutrition with the emerging fields addressing bioenergy, Susan’s background gives her a unique approach to healing. Her techniques work well either in person or remotely.

Susan Usman

Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner

Client Reviews

I’ve been working with Susan for several sessions to address issues I have had with middle of the night waking which led to constantly being tired and feeling run down. I also had a year- long shoulder pain issue after a fall that was not resolving. Susan is a very dedicated, compassionate and intuitive energy healer. Using a variety of techniques, she drilled down into the underlying causes of my ailments and over time helped me clear the imbalances in my system that were blocking my healing. I would highly recommend her!

- HH, Palo Alto

Susan helped me get through an incredibly difficult time in my life, fraught with grief, anger and despair as well as physical symptoms. Pills were not doing it. She facilitated my healing, following the lead of my body’s unique biofield.

- Rebecca V., Palo Alto

Susan has such a warm and welcoming demeanor, I felt comfortable with her from the moment I stepped into her office. She has helped me heal from what I thought were completely unrelated problems. My digestive system runs smoothly now, and I no longer have joint pain in my hands. I will continue to seek her help with issues that come up.

- Sally L, Santa Cruz


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