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What happens in a session?

We believe that everything that has happened to us in our lives is stored in our bodies.  Traumas in particular, no matter if they are small or big, can cause difficulties within the body.  We talk with the body through muscle testing, bypassing the brain, to understand the possible discomforts your body is experiencing and work to resolve them.

We work with the general energy of the body called the biofield and the structured energetic systems, the meridian (the same system as in acupuncture) and the chakra systems. When they are running optimally, we are healthy and well balanced. When we experience something traumatic or stressful, or harbor limiting beliefs (perhaps from childhood patterns) the energy systems can become blocked and that can cause biochemical changes in the body.  The longer the energy is blocked the less balanced we become.  Through talking with the body’s biofield wisdom we can release the blocked energy and restore optimal energy flow.

We meet either in person, via phone or Zoom. Because we work with energy, meeting remotely is as effective as meeting in person.  We review the new client welcome form (if applicable) and discuss the area(s) where you want to focus. Our emphasis is on creating a safe space for you.  When you feel comfortable, we ask questions of your body using kinesthetic muscle testing.

When you are ready and your body biofield feels safe, your body is happy to let us know what’s going on.  We begin by calibrating your body energy by asking a few questions. We ask the body’s wisdom where to start.  Sometimes the body indicates that it doesn’t want to work on anything listed.  There may be a subject you forgot to mention, a topic your body wants to address, or we need to ask more questions of your body to see if we can find a preferred focus area.  You never have to share anything you don’t want to, and the body’s wisdom won’t answer anything it doesn’t feel safe revealing.  Your body understands you and takes care of you. The wisdom of the body is exquisite. We help clients resolve the issues at their root causes, which are often stored in the body as imbalanced energy. We create a safe space for energetic and emotional releases to occur for the client’s highest good.

How it works

  • 90-minute sessions are for 1st time clients and returning clients that want to dig deeper.

  • 60-minute sessions are ideal for on-going work with clients or 1st time sessions with a child.

  • 45-minute session are good for returning clients with a specific issue or 1st time session for a pet.

  • 30-minute sessions are perfect for doing a supplement check or covering a small follow up question.

New Client In-Take Forms

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